Have the video of your book, along with buy links, added to Indie Authors TV.

The first 100 authors to submit the required information will have the advertising fee of $5.00 waived, and their video will be listed for 30 days. Only one book video per author will be accepted for this promotion, and you cannot have taken advantage of a free promotion within the previous 60 days on this site or the companion site, Independent Author Index.

You can add the trailer of your book to YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, MetaCafe and other video sites for free. Here are four reasons to pay to be included on Indie Authors TV:

  1. IATV doesn’t include ads on your video. If your video includes ads from another source, IATV can’t do anything about that, but IATV won’t include more ads.
  2. Visitors can see where to buy your book while viewing your video.
  3. IATV is all book videos and nothing but book videos, so visitors are looking because they’re interested in books. That can possibly translate into more sales for you.
  4. As a companion site to the Independent Author Index, you’ll enjoy the same marketing techniques that are employed on the Index, which means updates are continuously sent out on Twitter and other social networks to draw traffic to your book video on IATV.

Members of the Independent Author Index never pay to appear on Indie Authors TV, and all the trailers of their books, not just one, appear always. Consider joining the Index.

As of 7:17p EST on 03 November 2012,
0 slots are left for this free promotion.

If you’d still like to have your book video trailer appear on Indie Authors TV, the fee is $5 for a 30-day listing. Because you missed out on this promotion, I’ll give you an extra 30 days on your listing if you sign up and pay before 13 November 2012 at 23:59 EST. You don’t need a code. I’ll remember. :grin: Click here to be taken to the form.

14 Responses to FREE PROMOTION: Get your book video on Indie Authors TV

  1. Johnny says:

    Thank for the offer! Very cool…

  2. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  3. DaphineR says:

    Thank you, Faydra!

  4. Thank you for the opportunity

  5. Chip Etier says:

    “The Tourist Killer” just went live yesterday on Amazon. I’m very excited to have my first novel out there. Looking forward to the reactions and hopefully lots of sales.
    Thanks, Faydra!

  6. A B Potts says:

    What a wonderful offer. Thank you. If this works as well as it sounds it should, it will definitely be a regular advertising spot for me.

  7. Tahnks for the offer! I applied. Hope I get it.

  8. Pat Frayne says:

    Thank you for this opportunity to put the video trailer of my book on Indie Authors TV on a permanent basis.

  9. I appreciate all the help I can get. Thank you

    • Indie TV Admin says:

      Patricia, as a member of the Index, your videos can be listed here at no charge. You just need to provide me with your embeddable video code.

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